Professional Headphone Amplifier

Six separate custom headphone mixes!The HeadAmp6 Pro is a six-channel 1U rack mountable stereo headphone amplifier with an auxiliary mixer that can deliver six custom headphone mixes. Each channel features level, balance, and separate bass and treble cut and boost rotary controls, with the balance…


Drawmer DL241XLR
Compressor, auto/man w/gate/limiter, XLR

The Drawmer DL241 Dual Channel Auto-Compressor boasts a sophisticated design that offers a smooth, transparent and warm sonic performance.Drawmer's unique Programmed Adaptive Expansion circuitry gives you effective single control operation, producing a fast smooth response and eliminating chatter…


Digital Audio Labs MIX-16 Livemix Central Mixer
Livemix 16 Mix Central Mixer Distributor Module

The single rack space Livemix MIX-16 central mixer distributes power and audio to connected personal mixers. The MIX-16 provides up to 16 mixes when used with 8 CS-DUO dual mix personal mixers.Main Features:• 24 channel digital input • 24-bit digital mixing & processing


1X12, 2x6 Distribution Amp

This compact (1RU) rack-mountable analog audio distribution amplifier feeds one mono input to 12 mono outputs or two stereo inputs to six stereo outputs. For ultimate flexibility, it offers independent gain control for each output. All inputs and outputs are transformer balanced for greater system…


Yamaha P5000S
Dual Channel Power AMP - 500 W/Channel

The Yamaha P-Series Power Amplifiers deliver a robust amount of professional-quality power in a wide range of configurations designed to suit most any need. The P5000S provides 50W per channel, 1400W bridged, into 8 ohms. You also get extremely efficient operation with Yamaha's exclusive EEEngine…


2 CH to 1 CH Summing Amplifier with XLR and RCA I/O

The SUM100 Summing Amplifier is an inexpensive, high performance amplifier that is designed as a line level stereo to mono summing amplifier. It is also useful as a gain block, and as an impedance converter and summing for IHF (RCA type) signals. The inputs provide balanced 40Kohm bridging…


1X3 Dual Distribution Amplifier

This dual distribution amplifier offers two 1x3 channels with balanced inputs and +24dBm outputs. A master gain adjustment for each channel controls all three outputs together to adjust for varying inputs while individual trimmers for each output let you make adjustments over a 20dB range to…


Quad 1x4 Distribution Amplifier

The DA416 is a quad 1x4 distribution amplifier. Outputs are active balanced and individually adjustable (transformer-out versions available); inputs can be paralleled on rear connectors for 1x8, 2x8 or 1x16 operation; barrier block input and output connectors.


ATI DA1008-2
1X8 Distribution Amplifier, metered, +26dBm Output

With its higher power output and lower noise, the updated DA1008-2 is ideal for every application and every budget. With the DA1008-2, you’ll avoid RF and hum pick-up problems from noisy, lossy splitters, eliminate hard-to-find shorts from multiple taps on critical lines, boost low console outputs,…


Audio Power Amp 70V and 100V Output

The FP-PA20A features a balanced line level input that may be connected unbalanced. A front panel gain control is designed to be adjusted either manually or with a trimming screwdriver. The gain range will accommodate standard unbalanced levels as well as professional balanced levels. Both a 70 V…


Broadcast Tools AHR-1 Plus
Active Headphone Remote, used with FlexPhones Master

The Active Headphone Remote AHR1PLUS for the Broadcast Tools Flexphones System contains a stereo amplifier designed to work with any combination of high efficiency headphones with impedances between 24 and 600 ohms. The AHR1PLUS version can be used as an individual headphone listening station with…


Drawmer DS404
Gate Switchable hard or Soft 4ch 1U

The Drawmer DS404 Quad Noise Gate is ideally suited for use over a wide range of input signals, ranging from drums and other percussive instruments to vocals, pianos and even complete mixes.The DS404's variable low-pass and high-pass filters deliver precise frequency selective gating. The unit can…


Yamaha PC501N
925 Watts/Channel Power AMP - Networkable

High power, exceptional clarity, and cutting-edge networking capability – Yamaha's PC-1N series is the new standard of professional power amplifiers. The PC9501N delivers 925W/channel of stereo power into 8 ohms (2800W bridged). With excellent linear power characteristics and refined hardware…


Broadcast Tools AESDA2X4
Two Input AES/EBU Distribution Amplifier

The AES DA 2×4, eight output two-input AES/EBU distribution amplifier is ideal for distributing AES/EBU signals or word clock at sample rates of up to 96kHz. It can be configured for 2×4 operation, acting as two separate one input, four output DAs, or for 1×8 operation acting as a one input eight…


Digital Audio Labs Livemix Dante Input Module
Livemix Dante Option card for MIX-16

The LM-DANTE-EXP option card for the MIX-16 is for users with digital audio on a Dante network. Once your audio is on the network, use the Livemix CS-DUO to configure the network for use with the Livemix system.Main Features:• Option card for MIX-16 (below) • Easy configuration via…