Goldline TS2
Audio Test Set With Impedance Meter

The TS2 provides a combination of three precision test instruments and is capable of making audio frequency tests with a high degree of accuracy and in less time than conventional instruments. The TS2 combines a low distortion oscillator, a frequency counter, and a dB meter in a compact unit…


Galaxy Audio CM130
Checkmate SPL Meter

The affordable CM130 Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter from Galaxy Audio will allow you to quickly check dB levels. Main Features: Microphone: 1/2" Electret condenser microphone Accuracy: ±2 dB ( under reference conditions 94dB @1KHz ) Level Range: 1 = 40 ~ 70 dB 2 = 60 ~ 90 dB 3 = 80 ~ 110 dB 4 =…


Potomac PI4100
Medium Wave Field Strength Meter

New Potomac PI-4100 Medium Wave Field Strength Meter.Trade guesswork for stone cold certainty with the Potomac PI-4100. This precision survey instrument is designed to directly measure electromagnetic field strength in the 520 kHz to 5.1 MHz frequency spectrum.


Whirlwind QBox
Audio Line Tester

With the Whirlwind Qbox, send a tone or signal over any XLR line. In one battery-powered unit, you have a microphone, a speaker, a test tone generator, outputs for standard headphones, a 1/4 jack for line in and voltage presence LEDs for confirming phantom or intercom power.


Neutrik DL1

The NTI Digilyzer DL1 is a powerful but easy to use digital audio analyzer. Testing, monitoring and troubleshooting digital audio interfaces is fast and straightforward using this compact tool. Virtually all digital audio formats including ADAT and sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz are supported.…


Rolls CS1000
Cable Scanner / Tester

The Rolls CS1000 tests ten different types of cable ends. Each cable being tested has its pinout scanned for continuity as well as proper polarity. Plus, the unit features a 1 kHz Test Tone oscillator with a calibrated variable level control. The balanced test signal is sent out each of the jacks…


Rolls CT1
Cable Detective

Any Musician or sound person knows how difficult it is to maintain cables. The Rolls CT 1 provides an efficient way to detect shorted or open cables. The unit tests 1/4" TS, 1/4" TRS, RCA, XLR and MIDI cables. Plus it will test combinations of the above.


6 in 1 Multifunction Cable Tester

With a comprehensive connection set that includes XLR, 1/4, RCA, 1/8, TT and MIDI connectors, the Swizz Army can be used to tell the exact wiring of any cable or adaptor. The device clearly shows continuity, opens and shorts, even intermittent shorts! It also features test tone generation


Hosa CBT500 Cable Tester
Cable Tester

The Hosa Technology CBT-500 Cable Tester can quickly and easily check the integrity of a wide range of cables. The compact, handheld unit is capable of testing any of the following cable terminations:• XLR (3-pin and 5-pin) • Balanced and unbalanced phone (standard guitar-type cable)…


DeoxIT Fader Lube

The DeoxIT FaderLube dropper contains a precision lubricant designed for use on conductive plastic and carbon compound controls. It is also ideal for use on conductive membrane switches and components.


Minstruments System Case

Store your valuable Minstruments in this compact system case. It holds the Minirator (MR1, MR-PRO, MR2), the Minilyzer ML1, Acoustilyzer AL1 or Digilyzer DL1 and the MiniSPL with adequate extra space for your cables and connectors for those "out in the field" jobs.