Denon DN-300C
CDUSB Player 1U - Balanced

The DN-300C is a 1U-sized player, capable of extremely high performance, with the added flexibility of a convenient front-panel port for playing back material from a USB thumb drive. Simple to operate, the purity of its audio performance is truly remarkable at its modest price point, giving the…


Gemini DRP-1
Rack Mount Digital Recorder

The DRP-1 from Gemini is a standalone digital rackmountable recorder that allows you to record and playback from one convenient device. Its single rackspace design ensures discreet integration into your rack setup, making this handy recording device ideal for DJs, musicians, bars, clubs, schools,…


Tascam CD-500B CD Player
Professional CD Player, Balanced Outputs

Enjoy a $125 BSW Instant Add to CartRebate on this fine TASCAM CD Player! At checkout, we'll knock an additional $125 off our already low price for instant savings! Enterrebate code "PLAYER" at checkout.This promotion is for a limited time only, Act now!The TASCAM CD-500B is a slot-loading CD…


Tascam DR-40 Handheld 4 Track Recorder
Portable Digital Recorder

The TASCAM DR-40 four-track portable SD recorder offers adjustable built-in mics, balanced XLR inputs and extended battery life to give you the flexibility you need to record tracks anywhere. It also features a pair of great-sounding TASCAM microphone preamps with phantom power, recording at up to…


Stanton C402
Single CD Player w/ XLR, MP3, Digital Out

A single rackmount CD/MP3 player that delivers solid DJ-style performance, the C.402 offers intuitive ease of use while boasting versatile player options such as auto cue, seamless looping, jogwheel control, XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) outputs as well as S/PDIF digital output. Its pitch…


Tascam CD-200SB
SD/USB/CD Player

The CD-200SB was designed to meet the increasing demand for solid-state and USB media compatibility, the CD-200SB offers SD/SDHC, USB flash storage and CD-R/RW (WAV and MP3 disc) playback along with CD dubbing to the SD and USB channels. TASCAM maintained the same professional qualities, build,…


Denon DN-300ZB
CD/USB/SD Audio Player with bluetooth, AM/FM tuner- Balanced

Combining the best of disc, wireless, and solid-state media playback, the Denon Professional DN-300Z is an all-in-one audio player you can count on when the whole room is listening. Ideal for front-of-house, education, music and rehearsal studios, houses of worship, restaurants and more, it has an…


Tascam DR-44WL
Portable Recorder with XLR and WiFi

TASCAM’s DR-44WL brings improved audio specs, updated microphones, and WiFi transport control and file transfer to our flagship portable audio recorder. The new stereo condenser microphones improve shockmounting and are mounted in a true XY pattern for perfect stereo imaging. A pair of XLR inputs…


Yellowtec iXm Pro Cardioid Bundle
iXm Pro Cardioid Bundle - IXM, Pouch, Windscreen, WiFi-Card and Uplink-App (YT5250)

What's included:• iXm ProCardioid pattern Microphone • Accessory Pouch • Yellowtec Windscreen • Toshiba 8GB WiFi Card • Download Uplink-App* iXM was designed to become the finest reporter microphone ever. One of the most challenging requirements was a perfect auto leveling. Our engineers managed to…


Stanton C502
Dual CD/MP3 Player W/Anti-Shock

The C.502 is a rackmount dual CD player with full MP3 capabilities. Among its slew of features, it offers auto cue, seamless looping, jogwheel control for cueing or pitch bending, anti-shock buffer memory, single and continuous play modes, as well as large LCD screens for easy MP3 text information…


Tascam DR-22WL
Portable Recorder with WiFi

With an all-new microphone design, WiFi control and file transfer, and the new Scene Dial, the DR-22WL from TASCAM makes it easier than ever to capture great-sounding recordings and share them online. The DR-22WL includes a set of stereo condenser microphones, arranged in true XY pattern for ideal…


Tascam DR-10X
Portable Recorder for HandHeld Microphones

TASCAM’s compact DR-10X attaches to a handheld microphone for the ultimate compact news gathering recording system. A captive XLR connector attaches firmly to your microphone, capturing interviews at 48kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV resolution. 


Marantz PMD661-MKII
Professional Handheld Broadcast Recorder

The PMD661 MKII sports a refined professional feature set that builds upon the legacy of the original PMD661 by maintaining the ergonomic top facia layout focused around highly developed multi-functional controls, ensuring comprehensive single handed operation. 


Numark MP103USB
USB CD Player w/Balanced Outputs

The Numark MP103USB professional USB and MP3 CD player sports a USB input that lets you to put your entire digital music library on a USB flash or hard drive and perform with it at a gig. And, if you are a DJ transitioning to using MP3 files, the MP103USB allows you to still use your entire library…


Denon DN-501C
CD/Media Player

Answering the need for a compact player with professional features, the new 1U DN-501C offers versatile playback options from CD and USB storage in addition to iDevice connectivity, making it perfect for any installation that requires music playback via an easy-to-use and fully controllable…


Denon DND4500-MKII
DJ Dual CD/MP3/USB player

Whether you’re playing MP3s up to a high quality 320kbps, standard audio CD’s, or files from a USB drive, the DN-D4500MK2 offers you two Seamless loops with live B-Trim editing for mixing perfection, two Hot starts for instantly starting from your predetermined point on a track, Cue…


Tascam CD200 CD MP3 Player
Professional CD/MP3 Player

The TASCAM CD-200 CD player improves on TASCAM's popular CD-160 by offering a brand new TEAC transport that's custom designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise. The internal clock has also been upgraded for a smoother sound and decreased jitter.Like the CD-160,…


Tascam HS-8 8-Tranck Recorder
8-Track Recorder with Timecode

The TASCAM HS-8 offers professional multi-channel recording and playback to solid-state media with up to 192kHz/24-bit audio quality. The HS-8 uses a color touch-screen interface to access settings and tracks, and boasts a built-in mixer for monitoring. 


OMT Technologies iMediaLogger Package - 1CH
iMediaLogger 1 CH with 1 Year OMT Support

*Includes Software and 1 Year OMT Support (required for first time buyers) iMediaLogger – Flexible, Proven, Popular OMT's iMediaLogger is deployed across a very broad base of clients of all sizes and formats.iMediaLogger can be employed at any location since it seamlessly integrates with both…


Zoom H6
6ch Handheld Recorder

Zoomhas been building innovative, great-sounding products for the past thirty years. But with the revolutionary H6—the most versatile portable recorder ever—the bar is raised further still. Four interchangeable input capsules—X/Y, MS, Shotgun, and Dual XLR/TRS Combo—make the H6 the ultimate…


Yellowtec iXm Pro Super Cardioid Microphone Bundle
iXm Pro Super Cardioid Bundle - IXM, Pouch, Windscreen, WiFi-Card and Uplink-App (YT5260)

What's included:• iXm ProSuper Cardioid pattern Microphone • Accessory Pouch • Yellowtec Windscreen • Toshiba 8GB WiFi Card • Download Uplink-App* iXM was designed to become the finest reporter microphone ever. One of the most challenging requirements was a perfect auto leveling. Our engineers…


Marantz PMD-300CP
Dual Well Cassette Player/Recorder

Marantz Professional continues to deliver top performance with outstanding ease-of-use. The PMD-300CP is a dual-well cassette recorder/player that features two speeds of dubbing, and a USB output to digitize tape contents to computer for archiving. Two DC servo motors ensure stable, consistent…


Zoom H4N-PRO
Four-Track Handheld Audio Recorder

Brilliant Four-Track Audio Recording for Music, Film, Podcasting, and Beyond At Zoom we’re always developing new ideas to improve the performance and function of our Handy Recorders. With the new H4n Pro, we've taken everything creators love about the H4n and brought it to the next level. 


Zoom H5
4ch Handheld Recorder

The H5 provides four tracks of simultaneous recording and, like our flagship H6, it can use all Zoom interchangeable input capsules, allowing you to choose the best microphone for every recording situation. The flexible and powerful H5 provides everything you need to create multitrack recordings,…


Denon DN-500CB
CD USB1/8in Bluetooth RS232 w/pitch Control Audio Player

The DN-500CB is a professional CD player with Bluetooth, USB, and a 3.5mm AUX input designed for the commercial installation market. Perfect for retail, education, and hotel/conference applications, this player has features normally found on higher-priced players, such as Bluetooth Pairing, Front…


Denon DNF400
Digital Audio Player

For Broadcast: Triggering audio events in your broadcasts just got a LOT more affordable with Denon's DN-F400. Use it to create a library of any audio you want to trigger including songs, clips, spots and snippets. Simply push a button to play what you need.


Zoom H1
Portable Flash Recorder

The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder puts all its functions at your fingertips, with no menus to navigate. Its backlit display features recording levels, file format, time elapsed, remaining battery life and recording time. Its intuitive transport puts all the controls on the side with no menus on the…


Tascam SS-R200 Recorder
Solid State Stereo Recorder

The TASCAM SS-R200 solid-state stereo recorder boasts balanced XLR I/O and records in WAV and MP3 to Compact Flash, SD/SHC, and USB memoryThe SS-R200 offers a feature set that makes it ideal for broadcast applications requiring playback, backup, and flash start. 


360 Systems DR600
Instant Replay 2 - Soundfile Player w/ Networking

The original Instant Replay re-defined the term Hot-Keys, with an easy-to-use control panel that offers rapid fire playback of 50 cuts, ordered in 10 different banks. Now the much anticipated version 2 model (#DR600) includes: Ethernet networking for file transfer and backup; 16/24-bit, 44.1/48kHz…


RCF MS-1033
CD / MP3 Player, FM Tuner, 1RU

The RCF MS 1033 gives you two independent sound source sections (CD/MP3 player and FM tuner) that can be used simultaneously. The 1U rack-mount unit features a slot-load CD drive that can read music CD format and CD-R/RW discs containing MP3 music data.


Tascam CDRW900-MKII
Professional CD Recorder

The CD-RW900MKII and CD-RW901MKII are professional CD recorders that replace the best-selling CD-RW900SL and CD-RW901SL. A new TEAC tray-loading transport ensures years of reliable operation in the most demanding installations. The new transport also allows gapless recording when writing track…


Zoom H2N
Handy Recorder

The Zoom H2n records in WAV up to 24-bit/96kHz and MP3 up to 320kbps, and boasts five onboard mic capsules that enable four unique recording modes: Mid-Side (MS) stereo, 90° X/Y stereo, 2-channel and 4-channel surround sound. It uses SD/SDHC cards and can accommodate up to a 32GB SDHC card for over…


Denon DN-700R
Network SD/USB Recorder

Taking its place as Denon Professional’s flagship recording product, the DN-700R Network SD/USB Recorder is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, combining high quality audio recording with extensive network capabilities. 


Tascam DR-60DMKII
Portable Recorder for DSLR

TASCAM’s DR-60DmkII is a portable recorder designed from the ground up to be the ideal recorder for DSLR filmmakers. The design of the DR-60DmkII contains a tripod mounting screw on top and socket hole on the bottom, integrating perfectly with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others.


Galaxy Audio RM-CDU
Rackmount CD USB SD Player with AM/FM Tuner and RDS

The RM-CDU is a CD, USB, & SD card player with built in Radio Data System (RDS) Tuner all in one rack space. The RM-CDU has FM/AM memory presets, Random, Repeat, Folder advance, Mute, and Program function. The RM-CDU will accept up to a 16GB USB, SD card/SDHC, and will play media from CD, CD-R,…


Marantz PMD561
Professional Portable Audio Recorder

The Marantz PMD561 is a 4-channel solid state handheld recorder.Main Features:• Record professional-grade audio directly to stable and reliable SD/SDHC flash media • Selectable stereo / mono / .WAV / MP3 recording • 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz sample rates (WAV) • Selectable 16-bit and 24-bit recording…


Tascam SS-R100 Recorder
Solid State Stereo Recorder

The TASCAM SS-R100 solid-state stereo recorder features unbalanced analog and coaxial digital I/O and records in WAV and MP3 to Compact Flash, SD/SHC, and USB memory.The SS-R100 is ideal for broadcast applications requiring playback, backup, and flash start.


Tascam CD-500 CD Player
CD Player, Unbalanced Outputs

The TASCAM CD-500 is a slot-loading CD player with a state-of-the-art transport featuring brushless motors and an edge-grabbing mechanism to prevent disc damage. A front-panel 10-key pad gives you instant access to CD tracks, and flash start is available for instant playback. 


Fostex FR2-LE
Compact Flash Recorder

The Fostex FR-2LE compact, feature-loaded field recorder will make your location recording a walk in the park (or a walk in space)! Check out the FR-2LE preparing for action on the Space Shuttle! The state-of-the-art Fostex FR-2LE records to Type II CompactFlash in Broadcast WAV Format (BWF)


Denon DNF300
Professional Solid State Audio Player

The Denon DN-F300 solid-state audio player features a large LCD display, conveniently located front panel microphone and headphone jacks with dedicated level controls, and an included Infrared Remote Control for added functionality.With the versatility of multiple-format playback, pitch adjust,…


Denon DN-500R
SD/USB Recorder

For recording applications where network capabilities are not required, the new DN-500R SD/USB Recorder offers the professional quality of Denon Professional’s flagship DN-700R recorder in a compact, cost-effective package with no compromise in core functionality. 


Tascam SD-20M

TASCAM’s SD-20M is a simple-to-use solid-state recorder for demanding installations. The 1U rackmount includes a pair of microphone preamps with phantom power for direct microphone recording. Both the mic inputs and line inputs can be recorded simultaneously in four-channel mode.


Marantz PMD620-MKII
Professional Handheld Audio Recorder

The Marantz PMD620 MKII is a high performance handheld digital recorder that records to SD flashcard media in either PCM (.WAV) or MP3 audio formats. The light weight compact form (just 62 x 102 x 25 mm), ergonomic design and ease of operation lend the PMD620 MKII to a wide range of users,…


Denon DN-300CR
CD Recorder Player

The DN-300CR is a professional, full-featured CD recorder providing the highest level of audio quality for broadcast, studio and entertainment applications. The Denon Professional DN-300CR combines top-flight audio performance, input/output flexibility, rack-mount utility and robust construction.…


Tascam CDRW901-MKII
Professional CD Recorder

The CD-RW900MKII and CD-RW901MKII are professional CD recorders that replace the best-selling CD-RW900SL and CD-RW901SL. A new TEAC tray-loading transport ensures years of reliable operation in the most demanding installations. The new transport also allows gapless recording when writing track…


Minidisk Recorder/CD Player

The TASCAM MD-CD1mkIII is the ideal combination CD and MiniDisc solution for anyone requiring MD-format compatibility. Based on the acclaimed MD-CD1, the new model adds new digital I/O, additional file playback from CD, an expanded pitch range for CD playback and more.


Denon DN-700C
Professional CD/USB/Network Audio Player

The DN-700C is designed to be fully functional as a Broadcast/Professional Installation quality network CD and media player with the option of multiple audio sources.Housed in a 1RU rack-mountable chassis, the DN-700C Network Media / CD Player’s core features are focused on true audio source…


Tascam SS-CDR200 Recorder
Solid State/CD Stereo Recorder

For a limited time, purchase a Tascam SS-CDR200, and get $200 off! Enter rebate code "SOLID" at check out! The TASCAM SS-CDR200 Solid State Recorder, designed for the Broadcast and Contractor markets, records in WAV and MP3 to Compact Flash, SD/SHC and USB memory.


Zoom F8
Multitrack Field Recorder

Advances in video have made film making accessible to creators everywhere. But the accessibility of professional audio devices has not kept pace. Field recorders, with essential features such as time code, have been unobtainable for most. Until now.