Multiple Channel Advanced Logo Generator 

DLG PLUS is the ultimate solution for high quality logo generation and for automatic management of titles and graphics. Ideal to automatically put on air graphical contents for music TV channels (titles, authors, etc.), news programs (tickers, clock, etc...).
DLG PLUS has been designed to automatically be controlled and managed by XTV and DigiTV playouts (interface to third party systems available) Info/metadata related to clips, coming from the playlist/archive/database, are rendered on video in real time by DLG PLUS.


Visual Radio
Complete Radio/TV Integration

Visual radio is for all the broadcasters that want their TV to follow radio rules, including live, automatic scheduling and audio/video synchronization.
The visual radio from Axel Technology is the combination of state-of-the-art broadcast tools: the prestigious radio automation DJPRO, the TV playout YOUPLAY and the advanced logo and graphic generator DLGPLUS.


Enterprise Radio Automation

DJ-PRO ENTERPRISE has a fully-customizable structure made of several modules that can match the requirements of any radio station, adapting to the technical-productive environment and to the internal organization.
With DJ-PRO ENTERPRISE the broadcaster won't need any other external tools to manage studio, newsroom and advertisement automation and radio administration. 


Complete Television Automation System

DIGI-TV is a complete broadcast system for TV automation.
DIGI-TV system is the most scalable, reliable and cost effective architecture for TV automation.
DIGI-TV manages and controls the whole TV workflow, providing application and integration between the productive departments.


Broadcast TV Automation Software Suite

XTV Suite is a professional complete set of software tools for TV stations which manages from video capture, trimming, scheduling to playout. Completely automatic and unattended efficiency 24/7.


6 Band Top-class digital procissor

FALCON 50 TV is Axel Technology's top-of-range digital audio processor for TV broadcasting, with an advanced stereo audio processor specially designed for video applications, ensuring consistency of loudness and sound footprint across different video sources.


TV Turnkey Solution

The Turnkey TV MCR is fully digital and tapeless, able to broadcast in HD or SD, fits any video format, logo & graphics, loudness control, 6 input video mixer, social networking interactivity, 8 TB storage, satellite clock synchronization and all integrated into a technical furniture.